Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Each one of us have made a “New Year’s Resolution” and I think we can all say that we have all failed, at least once, to keep them. Healthier diets, workouts, commitments to get more organized, and reduce stress are just a handful the goals for 2020 that were the most commonly made. But those were all made before the world went upside down due to Covid-19. I don’t know about all of you, but Covid, is the last thing that I want to think about. Restrictions, social distancing, and now the vaccine are all headlines that are still in the news today. Anyone else feel like there is still a cloud hanging over all of our heads? The world may never get back to the normal we once new, but as ironic as it is, we still face a new year and opportunity for a new beginning. So many plans were put on hold, goals that were made found themselves placed on the back burner for the return of “normalcy.” As 2021 starts let’s move past our fears, let’s continue to innovate, create, encourage, and love on others. This month, let’s remind ourselves what it is like to live again, plan those trips, dream a little. Instead of just saying “2021 will be better then 2020”, let’s make it better then last year.  Look below for our current promotions, some information on air quality, our new community opportunity, and a cozy soup recipe that will keep you warm all January long. We wish you all a very Happy New Year for you and your families! 

Let’s Talk About Air Quality 


What if I told you the air inside your home is 2-5 times more polluted then the fresh air outside? Dust, dander, bacteria, smells, and even viruses can be found in the air you breathe in your own home. That’s on a normal day, during a normal year. But 2020 wasn’t normal, lock-down brought many of us home to work, and our kids learned virtually instead of being in classrooms. Simple tasks like running to the grocery store came with new requirements of wearing a mask and social distancing and as much as I think we were all hoping for a fresh start, 2021 hasn’t brought an end to Covid-19. With the holiday travels, and the spike of cases here in the Upstate, being aware of the air we are breathing is essential. As much as I wish there was a magic wand that would make Covid disappear, so the world could get back to what we would consider as normal, there isn’t. At least not for the world outside our homes.
Here at USS, we install a product, that actually does that very thing to the air inside your homes, businesses, offices, and churches. A Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator scrubs the air in your home, killing dust, dander, bacteria, and even viruses. By releasing ions into the air, the particles are neutralized and the air becomes fresh and cleaned. This product is currently being tested in California for its effectiveness against Covid – 19. Phenomenal Aire, stands behind their product in its ability to be an extra preventative measure against the virus. They claim to be able to deactivate the Corona virus if it were to be present in your home, therefore, limiting your exposure and making your home a safe place. The best part, is that it’s easy to install, also removes the odors of the left-over holiday, and is noiseless. With a 10 -13 year product life and little to no maintenance, you won’t even know it’s there, but you and your family will be breathing clean, fresh, mountain like air.

If you are an ASA member call us today to learn how you can save $105 off the Phenomenal Aire. For those of you who are not on a service agreement, feel free to give us a call at the office to learn more about the Phenomenal Aire and our ASA program and how you too can save! 

For more information, visit the link below! 

Learn More

New Community Opportunity 

Last Quarter, USS partnered with Upstate Warrior Solution, by donating to their Amazon Smile account and by giving gifts to families during the holidays. We were so excited to be able to volunteer some time and resources to them. Last year we made the decision to partner with a charity or organization every quarter, and we are excited to share what our new opportunity is!

Now through March, we are partnering with the Ronald McDonald House here in Greenville. For those of you who don’t know what they do, they provide housing to family’s whose children are receiving treatments in the area. The Ronald McDonald house, allows for these families to have all the comforts of home, as they deal with the countless doctors appointments and visits. 

Below are a few ways that USS and yourself can partner with this organization:
  • Amazon Wish list: The Ronald McDonald House has a wish list of items that are constantly needed. These help keep the kitchen stocked, as well as help with simple things around the house. Some of these items range from cleaning supplies to coffee stirrers. 
  • Amazon Smile: Similar to last quarter, you can order your amazon purchases through the link and Amazon will donate a portion of those sales to them.
Keep an eye out for updates for more opportunities to join us!! For more information visit their website.

New Year New Savings!! 

We get it emergencies happen, systems break, leaks can present themselves. Here at USS we provide upfront and transparent pricing, so you aren’t blindsided by the cost of a repair. Don’t miss out on how you can save by being an ASA member or utilizing our current specials. Below are listed the promotions we are running this quarter: 
  • Save $250 when you purchase an American Standard complete heating/AC system.  
  • Save $150 on a new water heater Also applies to tankless water heaters.

  • Save $105 on the installation of a Phenomenal Aire system at the time of your scheduled service (maintenance) and clean your air today! Applies only to current and new ASA customers.  
  • $20 OFF Your Next $150 Service Call! Choose between: Heating and Air, Electrical, or Plumbing!

Be sure to talk to us at the office or your technician to learn how you can save!!

Offers valid till March 31st 2021*

For more information please visit our website

Recipe of the Month

This month’s recipe is one of my personal favorites! So quick, easy, and delicious! I add a bunch of kale for added greens, but you can also add more cream and parmesan cheese to make it even more creamy. Perfect for the cold dreary days of January. 

Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup


“Upstate Service Solutions was recommended to me by several neighbors who had hired them to do the same work in their homes. I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman who came out to give the estimate. He was so thorough and patient, and he took the time to explain the work I’d need in a way I could understand. He sent over the estimate with the same amount that was discussed when he was at my house. He was extremely professional and kind.

My experience with the office staff was really positive too. When I had initially called to schedule the estimate appointment, they were really friendly and accommodating. I believe it was Brandy who explained to me in detail the financing option through Wells-Fargo, and she answered all questions I had about this option.

When the two gentlemen came out to perform the work, they were also highly professional and explained everything they were doing. Once the job was completed, they took extra care to make sure I understood everything that had been done and ensured that I knew how to operate the new thermostat.

I would not hesitate to recommend Upstate Service Solutions, I had an incredible customer service experience, and obviously I am also so happy to report that their work completely fixed my zoning issues, and my downstairs is no longer 60 degrees!

To the staff, thank you so much for being an honest and trustworthy group, and for providing exceptional customer service and an all-around pleasant experience!”

– Lauren McAdams

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