Will You Be Our Valentine?

Will You Be Our Valentine?

Will You Be Our Valentine?

Why is it that once Christmas is over it’s almost as if you blink and Valentine’s Day is the next week? February once brought the panic of gathering valentines for your classmates, now is met with advertisements for roses and chocolates, and candle-lit dinners. Our loved ones are on our minds more often, the need to shower them with gifts, and little tokens to show them how much we love and care for them, is more pressing. For some, Valentine’s Day is a little cringe, almost like the pressure to be perfect is too much, but for others it’s just another opportunity to show your love for someone. As our office reflects on the loss of a father, we want to highlight his life, his accomplishments, and the ones who love him. We are met with a sweet reminder to hold on to the ones we love a little closer, to tell them more often, and to embrace the precious moments that we have with them. February is the Love Month, so let’s take a little extra time to show others how much they mean to us. We will also be talking some more about air quality, highlight a deliciously decadent Tiramisu Cake, and have a fun Valentine’s Day craft for the kiddos in your life or maybe even your office. Who knows? 💕

PS: This is also a reminder for those of you who forget about Valentines Day, don’t forget to pick up a card, their favorite flowers and make that reservation to their favorite place. 

In Remembrance of Donnie Moore 

We would like to celebrate the life of Mr. Moore, the father of Dale and Steve Moore. As a team we are saddened to hear about the loss of someone who lead such a wonderful, full life. We are thankful for the service he gave to this country, in the United States Airforce where he served for 20 years. We are thankful for his sons, who are a big part of our team here at USS and were honored to know him as a supporter of our team. Thank you all for your thoughts, and kind words, during this time. 


Love should be the only thing in the air this month 💕

Bacteria, dust, smells, viruses live in the air that we breathe, with spring right around the corner,  pollen and allergens will be back in full swing. The Phenomenal Aire, uses a plasma generator to scrub the air in your home to get rid of those particles in the air and give you the feeling of breathing clean mountain top air in your home. 

Easy to install, a product life of 10-13 years, and little to no maintenance, the Phenomenal Aire is a great way to help neutralize and get rid of those things we should not be breathing. 

Right now, USS is offering major savings on the installation of of one these systems. If you are interested in leaning more, please call us here at the office at (864) 423-3606

For more information, visit the link below! 

Click Here!

Valentine’s Day Activities 

Remember the excitement that surrounded Valentine’s Day at school? Teachers getting together little boxes or envelopes to collect all the candy and valentines from our friends, and classmates. Then came the day of the party, when exchanges were made, funny, themed valentines, featuring the favorite character or fad at the time were placed in those little boxes accompanied by pieces of candy or lollipop.

Valentine’s Day changes as you get older, cards, bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and candle-lit dinners, take the place of the cute little paper valentines signed XOXO. 

Let’s keep the magic alive for the kids whose school activities have changed. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day crafts, and activities to keep that same magic alive for your kids at home.

Here are some sweet cards that can be made with the things you keep around the house. These are perfect for just a special note to a parent or grandparent, maybe even a neighbor. These are a quick and easy craft for those restless little ones. 
Another fun and cute craft that could be made  are these adorable little puppies. Easy to put together with just a paper plate and some construction paper. How cute are these?!

New Maintenance Program! 

Introducing our much anticipated Plumbing Service Agreement! A few months ago we expanded our plumbing department, and we have put together a PASA that gives you all the benefits of our normal service agreement program but focusing on the plumbing in your house. 
This maintenance check is once a year, and focuses on all the plumbing components of your home. These include:  Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundry Room, Water Heater, Shut-off’s, and the general Infrastructure. 

With the PASA program, you are given peace of mind knowing that everything is running as it should, the age of your water heater, and where the shut-off’s are in the event of an emergency. You also receive 10% off any repairs that would need to be done in your home. You also take priority in scheduling, meaning we will try to get someone there the same day you call us, if we can. Your PASA will also be put on rotation, which will send you a reminder when your service is due, allowing for your home maintenance to be on our minds and not yours.

If you are already a member of our ASA program, there is a discounted cost for your you to join the PASA program. 

If you would like to learn more about pricing or have any questions, please give us a call at the office at  (864) 423-3606

For More Information Please Call the Office

Recipe of the Month


Anyone else have a dream cake? One that is light and delicious, maybe has chocolate, and topped with the fluffiest frosting?! This cake is everything you could dream about and more!  Perfect to bake for a Galantines day celebration or to bake with your loved ones for a night in.

Vanilla Tiramisu Cake 


“Definitely recommend this company! They made a courtesy call before arriving, arrived on time, were courteous, and worked quickly to fix our problems. The service was great and the cost was definitely reasonable for the amount of time spent and resources used to fix our plumbing issues.”
– Jaquelyn Burns

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